River cruising is all about the destinations, and a smaller ship means you can dock in the heart of cities that an ocean liner couldn’t reach. It’s a wonderful way to discover new places and to explore familiar ones from a fresh and totally unique perspective.


Cruises are typically shorter with destinations as varied as the types of activities on offer. You could be sailing the Rhine making shore excursions to visit castles, view privately owned art collections, forage wild truffles, and eat in gourmet restaurants, or you could be on the Zambezi enjoying a river safari followed by a live cultural performance.


With a river cruise you can explore the Nile, Amazon, Seine, Yangtze, and Mekong without being troubled by seasickness. Smaller vessels mean fewer passengers on-board so quicker boarding and disembarking when you reach port and no long queues for dinner.


Entertainment tends towards the cultural with many river cruises offering world-class lectures on a wide variety of subjects, often with a focus on the destinations in your itinerary. Themed cruises are available if you want to indulge a particular passion for golf, cookery, music, cycling, wine, or history, or mark an event such as Oktoberfest or Christmas.


A river cruise can be a simple affair or a decadent delight with some ships offering luxury suites and balconied state rooms, spas and fitness centres, complementary electric bikes, and butler service. The crew to passenger ratio is good and can be as high as 1:086 on luxury cruises.

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