As North America spans 16.5% of the world’s landmass one cruise will not be enough to give you the full scope that this intriguing continent has to offer. See the vast ice formations of Alaska, the beautiful tropics of Hawaii, or the concrete jungle of New York, the options for cruises are as broad as this continent.

Sights and excursions to enjoy

Honolulu Volcano – Hawaii

Fine black sandy beaches added with the adrenaline rush of an active volcano, what else would a thrill seeker desire. Get up close (not to close) and personal with red-hot lava and awe-inspiring steam vents. For those looking for less of a thrill and beautiful scenery, we recommend seeing Rainbow Falls. With an almost permanent rainbow, this waterfall is the perfect selfie opportunity.

Empire State Building – New York

One of the most iconic buildings throughout history, the empire state building is the heart of New York. With two 360° observation decks, giving you the full scope of what New York has to offer.

Baywatch beaches – California

With over 420 public beaches across California, there are more than enough beautiful sandy beaches for you to choose from. One recommendation is Santa Monica State Beach, with a beautiful pier sporting a range of amusement rides, entertainment and shops this beach is perfect for day and night activities.

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