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Something you may not know about Gin

Did you know that gin is one of the broadest categories of spirits and can vary enormously in terms of origins, styles and flavours? Gin originally came to Europe via Holland and is made most commonly made by distilling fermented grain, although it can be made from a range of other products, as long as it has a neutral base enabling the juniper berry and any other flavours to come through. G’Vine Gin is traditionally unconventional in it’s creative processes in that it is made using a grape neutral spirit and comes from the Cognac region of France.

The process for making gin is much like making perfume as the essential oils are extracted from the botanicals to create the spirit and each distiller uses a different recipe.

Photo: G’vine

G’vine, a small batch distinctive gin distillery set in the heart of Cognac county, shares the composition of their unique taste. Ten botanicals compose G’Vine Gin, including aromatic juniper berries, green cardamom, cubeb berries, liquorice, lime, coriander, quassia amara, nutmeg, ginger root and the rare vine flower. These botanical families are split into four distinct categories and distilled separately to ensure their aromatic properties are retained.

G’vine’s signature botanical is the precious vine flower which would otherwise mature into a grape berry. It blooms for just a few days of the year in mid-June. Once it opens it is handpicked immediately, macerated in the grape spirit and distilled in the specifically designed Florentine pot still to capture its full aroma.

We are very proud to announce that G’vine is our official Drinks Sponsor at the show. Do pay them a visit at the tasting area of the show, join them for a free masterclass or enter our G’vine Cocktail Challenge.


Photo: G’vine


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