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Make The Most of Any Excursions On Land

You’ve disembarked and arrived in port. Whether you’re stepping off into a jam packed marketplace, quiet city streets or just to feel the sand between your toes you we’re here to help you get the most out of every precious moment.

For some, half the fun of visiting ports is the thrill of exploration but, even so, a little prep helps to set you off in the right direction. Knowing that the beach is 5 minute walk north or that an awe-inspiring view is “just past that tower” doesn’t spoil the fun of discovery.

Of course, those who enjoy a planned route can create their own guided tour before even setting off. With all the info available online you could end up planning your wander through port. There are even pre-made tours available for many of the mainstream destinations, easily downloaded to your phone and off you go!

Ports will be full of entertainments, both lavish and free. Markets can be a rip off, but browsing is fun and any live music nearby is free entertainment. Or, say you splurged a bit more than expected at the last stop, the beaches will often be close by and always be free!

Finally, remember that port stops will go ahead whatever the weather (Except in the case of major storms) so best remember to pack one extra layer, just to be sure.

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