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Dispelling the cruise holiday myth

Think cruises aren’t for you? Think again.

It’s time to throw those misconceptions overboard because cruises have changed out of all recognition.


Cruises are for old people

Are you kidding? Check out the water parks, sky-diving simulators and ice-skating

Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

rinks. Let your kids run wild in the fabulous children’s clubs and release your inner rock god on music cruises with the likes of Pitbull and Kiss. You can even take a Walking Dead zombie voyage.


I’ll get bored – there won’t be enough to do

Ships are floating resorts, packed to the funnels with facilities. Get pampered in the onboard spa; turn up the tempo in a sassy salsa dance session; scale the ship’s funnel on a climbing wall; or sharpen your sauté skills in the cookery school.


The ships are all huge monstrosities

There’s a fleet of smaller vessels – some taking only 50 passengers – and many more that take just a few hundred people rather than thousands. Try the luxury craft of Seabourn and Silversea, tall ship lines like Star Clippers or even P&O Cruises’ smallest ship, Adonia.


It’s formal and stuffy

You can be as glam or as casual as you like – from sharp dinner suits and glitzy gowns to shorts and T-shirts – anything goes on some cruise lines. Just make sure you pick the right one.


Cruises are too expensive

Photo Credit: Star Clippers

Not when you can eat 24/7; spend your evenings at West End-style theatre shows, captivating cabaret turns and racy comedy clubs; let your children party in the kids’ clubs; and fill your days with free activities.


There’s not enough time to explore ashore

Ships are spending longer in port and even staying overnight in hotspots like Venice, Ibiza, St Petersburg and Barcelona, giving you plenty of time to dip into the local night-time scene.


I’ll be seasick

Only if you’re unlucky as it’s very rare. The bigger the ship, the better you’ll be, thanks to their size and hi-tech stability gizmos. Ships are so smooth, you often don’t realise they’ve left port.





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