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An Ocean of Entertainment

Going on holiday is the closest thing we have to an existential pause button which allows us to temporarily break free from the everydayness of our lives.

In this bewitching limbo, far away from any regular routine, we can flirt with other versions of ourselves, trying on lifestyles, sampling activities, and tasting food that we would never encounter as our regular selves.

‘Office you’ can’t wake up at 11am, knock back a cocktail and hit the spa, take an afternoon trapeze class then eat an elaborate seafood dinner before watching a water-based acrobatic show on the pool deck against the backdrop of a vast ocean, milkily rippled by moonlight. ‘Cruise you’ can do all this and a ship-load more.

Cruises still offer the traditional entertainments – casinos, live music, West End style theatre shows, swimming pools, themed dances – but years of one-upmanship from the cruise lines means that what passengers can now do on-board reads like the world’s most ambitious bucket list.

This towering mountain of memorable experiences is too humungous to cover here in totality, so we’ll just give you a blast of the highlights. It’s worth remembering that entertainment on British ships is low-key when compared to the razzle-dazzle of American ocean liners and that bigger ships have more options to help you fill those sea days.

Through the clever use of simulators, you can now skydive in 100mph winds in the calm of a neon-lit night, surf actual waves on a FlowRider, try Formula 1 racing with all the bumps and whining engine noise, and watch films in uncannily realistic 4D – all whilst floating in the middle of an ocean.

If you’re keen to learn a new skill the choices are endless and include glass-blowing, jewellery-making, painting, learning a new language, SCUBA diving, acting classes run by RADA, and cookery.

For a physical challenge you can try dance classes, laser tag, bungee trampolining, rock climbing, submerged spinning classes, yoga on deck and ice-skating below on a rink that transforms into an ice-theatre at night.

When you feel like a cerebral work out solve puzzles to make it out of an escape room, attend a lecture, enter a crossword tournament, or visit the planetarium and let Tom Hanks be your guide to the stars.

You can even unleash your inner star and become part of the entertainment by participating in game shows, mystery dinners, karaoke sessions. Singers can compete to become the Voice of the Ocean in a floating version of the hit TV talent show that comes complete with those iconic spin around ‘I want you’ chairs.

Children will never forget having breakfast with Snow White, or training to be a Jedi and fighting Darth Vader before watching a Star Wars-themed stage show (complete with that unforgettable theme music) which ends with a dramatic firework display.

Those of you brave enough to commemorate your holiday with an on-board tattoo will have to wait until 2020 when the Squid Ink Tattoo Parlour opens aboard Scarlet Lady.

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