With cruises available direct from the UK it’s easy to see why the Med is such a popular destination. Stunning scenery, crystal blue waters and a concoction of cultures giving you so much to do you won’t have the time to see and experience it in one go!

A snippet of what you can do on a Mediterranean cruise

Ruins of Pompeii

Probably the most well-preserved example there is of the Roman civilisation, Pompeii will give you a real insight of what a typical day in Roman society was like before it was covered in a thick layer of ash and lava by Vesuvius. Walk through the archaeological site to see millennia old, temples, shops, homes and even people are frozen in time.

The French Riviera

With miles of sun-drenched beaches, charming towns and civilised extravagance the French Riviera is the place to relax in style. Having one of the highest population of billionaires on the planet, you know that this place genuinely luxurious.

Athens Greece

Existing since the 5th century, Athens has a rich history boasting significance even to this day! Now the capital of Greece, this city has a beautiful blend of ancient and modern wonders see the plethora of ancient ruins and monuments or explore the modern wonders of the beautiful city.

Canary Islands

For a sweet escape to an island of paradise, the Canary Islands offer an array of beautiful blackened shores, desert-like landscapes and even volcanoes. With year-round warm weather, this area has become synonymous with families and party goers.

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