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There has been no travel category as polarising as the cruise, but today, cruises are becoming as diverse as the destinations they set sail to. With 27.2 million people around the world embarking on one each year, it’s clear that there’s a cruise out there for every kind of traveller.

Indeed, with river cruises, luxury vessels, expedition cruises, themed cruises and charter cruises, there are far more options out there than the one-size-fits-all megaship.



Lonely Planet’s The Cruise Handbook covers all and provides the merits of each type, from science and expedition vessels setting off to remote corners of the world, to culinary cruises with cooking classes and day trips to local markets. As well as exploring the many reasons to cruise: convenience, value, luxury, exploration, health and wellness… the list goes on.

With so many options and reasons, Lonely Planet’s The Cruise Handbook provides comprehensive advice and a quiz on how to choose the right cruise and where to go when – it’s perfect for seasoned and would-be – even sceptical – cruisers.

For those sceptical cruisers, it debunks misconceptions about cruising and highlights ways the cruising industry has evolved in recent years, including improved sustainability and dining experiences.

Once convinced and when ready to choose their cruise, The Cruise Handbook offers destination inspiration from Alaska to Antarctica with lists featured including:

  • Top 10 Affordable Cruise Options
  • Top 10 Beach Cruise Destinations
  • Top 10 Cruises with Views
  • Top 10 Adventure Cruises
  • Top 10 Self-Cruising Destinations
  • 15 Tips for Saving Money

There are also recommendations for the best cruises for kids, tweens and teens; short cruises; LGBTQ cruises; culture cruises; on the rise cruises; and off-the-beaten track cruises.

The guide also offers tips on cruise etiquette, lingo, reducing your environmental impact on-board and planning a cruise tour. All in all making it a practical, entertaining trip-planning tool that will have travellers ready to take to the seas in no time.



And when at port, Lonely Planet’s Cruise Ports series helps cruisers make the most of their days and discover the best onshore experiences.

The guides include only the best sights, activities, shopping and local secrets for where to eat, drink, and go, carefully hand-selected by Lonely Planet’s intrepid experts.

Fold-out maps and transport tips make travelling around the port easy and allow cruisers the independence and confidence to explore each destination at their own pace. While suggested walking tours and itineraries help make the most of time onshore.

Covering Scandinavia and Northern Europe, the Caribbean, and Alaska, with more destinations coming soon.

What are you waiting for? Discover your perfect boat trip and set sail with Lonely Planet.

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