With temperature lows of 26 degrees, there is never a wrong time to visit the Caribbean; it is the perfect holiday relaxation destination. The Caribbean encompasses thousands of islands to suit all holiday types; this area is a treasure trove of beautiful lagoons, pure white sandy beaches, turquoise rich waters and coral reefs teeming with lush tropical fish.

The Caribbean has more to offer than the exceptional coastal areas, you can climb volcanos, bathe in rock pools, explore the rainforests via a riverboat tour, relax in hot springs, hike up mountain trails, taste the exceptional Caribbean regional food and that’s just the start!


What else you can do on your paradise cruise



Shipwreck Exploration

The Caribbean reefs are already a popular destination for divers, but for an exhilarating experience why not dive into one of the many shipwrecks that lay in the crystalline waters. With each wreck harbouring a unique experience whether it’s the depth and size of the ships, the colourful coral covering the ships or the variety of fish, sharks and turtles.


Caribbean Culture

One of the many ways to really take in the Caribbean culture is by eating the tasty traditional foods of each island you visit, whether its fresh fish or jerk chicken there is always something to excite the taste buds. Another recommendation is taking a trip to one of the local markets boasting a host of intimate gift shops with one-off pieces you cannot find anywhere else.


Pure Relaxation

Long summer days, warm pristine waters and white sandy beaches, what more do you need to relax? We recommend watching the sunset with a cloudless sky while enjoying your favourite drink or relax and have some well-deserved treatments in one of the many spas.

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