This land is composed of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Russia and Sweden. The diversity of each of these nations ensures you’ll have a wealth of culture and excursions to experience throughout your journey.


First sailed by Vikings, Northern Europe has an exuberant past which stretches across the entire Baltic States whether it’s remnants of the Soviet Union, the glittering palaces of St Petersburg, WW2 landmarks, Norwegian Fjords, this is indeed the place for any history buff to wet their appetite.


The Baltic States is also an excellent opportunity to go on a river cruise to immerse yourself in the scenery. Be enthralled by the charming city lights, the stunning architecture, various restaurants & bars, museums, art and castles all unique in each location you visit. There is more to see than just cities with cascading waterfalls, golden beaches, tranquil villages, picturesque woodland and exceptional seafood that is on offer on many cruises.

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