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SAT & SUN 11AM -11:45AM

Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Cruise
Perfect for all cruisers, there are always new and creative tips that you can get directly
from real experts within the industry to help you optimise your time onboard and ashore.

SAT & SUN 12PM – 12:45AM

Luxury Cruising
You have not had a truly luxurious break until you have been on a luxury cruise. This panel
discussion will take you through the benefits of going on an upmarket cruise. Find out
how you can experience the best culinary food or onboard pampering – all whilst seeing
the most beautiful sites the world has to offer.

SAT & SUN 1PM – 1:45PM
Adventure Cruising & Expedition

Do you think a cruise is just being on a ship and seeing the sites? You could not be more
wrong! The Adventure Cruising & Expeditions panel discussion will give you in-depth
expertise into exploring untouched areas of the world – off the beaten track.

SAT & SUN 2PM – 2:45PM

River Cruising

In this panel discussion, you will find out how you can explore the wonders of your
favourite cities and learn about exciting new ones, in a calm and relaxing way.

SAT & SUN 3PM – 3:45PM
Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Cruise

Learn how to make the most of your time onboard and ashore with the
Cruise Critic experts.


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