How could we possibly sum up Asia? With its proud history on full display, Asian culture will paint every aspect of your travels. From your first footsteps into your departure ports, you’re fully immersed in rich Asian culture. Every step of your journey is surrounded by history, peace and pride.


With a rich, diverse and proud culture it is impossible to some up all of Asia in one sentence. Be enthralled by some of the largest and modern cities on the planet including Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo all offering a unique experience. The Instagram worthy cherry blossoms of Tokyo, Singapore’s modern city meets nature ‘Gardens by the Bay’, and get your hands on almost anything you could ever buy in Hong Kong’s vibrant street markets.


Cities are only scratching the surface of what Asia has to offer a cruiser, rainforests with orang-utan encounters, climb the iconic Mount Fuji, Indonesia’s  Komodo dragon, kayak Around Thailand’s golden beaches and of course the Great Wall of China.


It doesn’t matter if you Cruise Asia in luxury or for exploration, as every day will bring you awe-inspiring views and exhilarating excursions.

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