A land that is only accessible from November to March, many of us perceive that Antarctica is a deserted continent, but this is not the case it is far from uninhabited with vast plethora wildlife on land and sea, this continent has many hidden wonders to show you.

Antarctica is the only place in the world where you can walk among the penguin colonies, see active volcanos and tread on their steaming beaches all while taking in the spectacular ash-layered glaciers.

Top Attractions


Deception Bay – is the place known for swimming in Antarctica. The water is warmer than most of the Antarctic thanks to its active volcano; it is also home to the Chin Strap penguin colony.


Lemaire Channel – Witness a region of mountains and glaciers rising from the crystal waters of the sea. Though, we wouldn’t recommend spending too long at these views as you could miss the Orca, humpback, and Minke Whales making a jaw-dropping entrance.


See the Seals –Home to 6 species one seals including the largest seal species, the elephant seal weighing up to 4000kg. See the expert diving creatures gliding through the nutrient-rich water or resting on the ice.

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