If you get bored 30 minutes into a beach holiday and find yourself wanting to throw away that novel and write your own story, then an adventure or expedition cruise has the thrill factor you need.


These versatile escapes take you on specially adapted ships by river or ocean to the remotest corners of the earth including the Arctic, Myanmar, the Galápagos Islands, Antarctica, and the Amazon, where you will encounter the planet’s rarest wildlife. With excursions like polar bear watching, jungle trekking, and the chance to glimpse the fleeting beauty of the northern lights, these cruises – though expensive – offer a once in a lifetime experience that is utterly enthralling.


Ships are smaller, so they can access locations off the beaten track. Whilst they may take you out of your comfort zone an adventure or expedition cruise will not leave you without the comfort of good quality food and lodging.


Instead of luxury and theatre-style entertainment, these cruises typically offer the opportunity to explore, to learn, and to challenge yourself with trips out in a Zodiac, educational nature walks, and cultural enrichment programs. Your expedition leader will have the freedom to alter the schedule to take advantage of weather or wildlife sightings.


Your experience is centred on the unique beauty of the destination itself and you will have the chance to hear fascinating lectures from on-board geologists, nature specialists, and scientists about your destination’s geography, geology, and wildlife, and the politics, history, and culture of its inhabitants.

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