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Europe's largest Cruise Show is returning to London where we will be hosting the best of luxury travel by sea and river to destinations and at prices you won’t find anywhere else. However adventurous your imagination, begin by talking to our exhibitors, cruise experts and journalists who will be on hand to share all they know and help you plan the holiday of a lifetime. Whether you're considering your first cruise or are a seasoned traveller, the Cruise Show brings the glamour and expertise of the whole industry to the Olympia and packs a host of fantastic content and exclusive giveaways included!


Twice a year we gather the most exciting holidays from the world of cruise travel into one building, offering you the perfect first step on your getaway. Start your next voyage at the Cruise Show to uncover the hottest new destinations and latest trends from the world of cruise travel. Make your way from the calm waters of the Nile to the steps of the Taj Mahal, from the awe-inspiring ice caps of the Antarctic to tropical paradise and everywhere in between.


So much more than a means to an end, to cruise is to encapsulate the mantra that the journey can be as much pleasure as the destination. With each cruise unique in its own right you may have as much fun choosing your ship as your destination. Industry leading organisers present their their unique offerings; from the luxury liners to intimate river journeys. Discover your dream holiday and we'll take it from there.


Our show can transport you to the far reaches of the world but just as important is how you get there. Tailor your journey with show exclusive offers, excursions and deals. Any extra wants or needs can be organised to make your time away everything you require. We look forward to seeing you there!


What people say

The vast range of choice that is available was really impressive!
Some good cruise companies, including a couple we'd not spoken to before!
We had a good idea what we wanted, found the cruise, spoke at length with the Co. And booked our trip, very happy.
Good location and very helpful friendly staff on each stall we spoke to!

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  • 5 NOV, 2018 by Admin 04 Likes
      Before motorways tore across the land and passenger planes doodled vapour trails in the sky, the number one way to travel was by water. Cities grew up around rivers which provided a vital source of drinking water and later served as convenient trade routes. For a low-stress way to see some of the world's most fascinating cities, packing your bag and heading for the water is still the best option. A river cruise will free you from traffic jams, airport security queues, and the cumbersome burden of trying to follow your sat nav whilst simultaneously getting your head around driving on the right. You can visit multiple cities without the hassle of making a string of accommodation bookings, and instead of worrying whether your next night's sleep will be in a rat-infested box-room in the dodgy part of town you will have the comfort of returning to the same clean and well-appointed cabin each night. Cabins on river cruises come complete with built-in blue-tooth speakers, flat screen TVs, USB charge points and mood lighting. You'll also find an on-board spa, gym, cafe, and plenty of activities to enjoy like yoga classes on deck and wine tasting sessions. All-inclusive city to city river cruises means no nasty surprises in your holiday budget and the guarantee of a good meal made fresh every day on board after a trip ashore for adventure. Authentic excursions are at the heart of modern river cruising giving you the chance to visit a floating Cambodian market, take a guided tour of an Egyptian crocodile temple, try bee-keeping for a day, and share a traditional meal with a local Italian family in their home. Your cruise operator is the key to accessing attractions and museums after hours and will often be able to arrange queue-jumping privileges, discounted tickets, and behind the scenes tours for you. They can save you hours of waiting in line or trawling the internet for deals. You can sail into the heart of some of the world's greatest conurbations including Amsterdam, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Cairo, Shanghai, and Vienna. Alongside the delights of the city, you will also experience the magical atmosphere and rich history of the rivers themselves. Rivers like the Danube, the Elbe, the Volga with its caviar-creating sturgeon, and the Yangtze, are cultural icons in their own right, inspiring countless pieces of art, music, and literature. River cruises take the trouble out of travel by transporting you overnight to your next destination which you can then spend the day discovering. Your itinerary will include some daytime sailing too allowing you to kick back with a cocktail as a beautiful and constantly changing shoreline vista of Gothic castles along the Rhine or verdant vineyards along the Rhône unfolds before your eyes. You don't have to choose between a fly or drive city break and a river cruise because a cruise can easily be added on to the start or end of your trip for a truly unique perspective of your destination.
  • 8 OCT, 2018 by Admin 10 Likes
    For the over-worked and perma-busy, a dream holiday can still mean locking away all electronic devices, laying in the sunshine, and tasking your brain with nothing more challenging than selecting your next cocktail. However, an increasing number of people are choosing to use their vacation time as an opportunity to learn a new skill and educate themselves about other countries and cultures. Millennials are opting for more authentic tourism, working with local people to learn about their way of life, and a rising number of parents are exploiting the freedom created by remote working and flexible hours to take their children on extended learning trips abroad dubbed ‘edventures’. By combining multiple locations with luxurious relaxation facilities, cultural enrichment programmes, and a phenomenal choice of classes, excursions, and on-board activities, cruising has become the smart holiday choice for smart people who want to return from their holiday with more than just a tan. An added bonus of cruising is that you only have to pack and unpack once to visit a wide assortment of countries, letting you maximise your holiday time. Cruise lines work hard to provide a context for each stop on an itinerary. Destination-led lectures are offered by experts in history, art, architecture, science, wildlife, food, and culture allowing guests to really connect with each locale before they arrive. Shore excursions are increasingly immersive, involving hands-on experiences such as cookery classes, and tastings at local vineyards. Tours off the beaten track are led by expert local guides who serve as cultural interpreters, answering any questions with knowledge that can't always be found in standard tourist guides. For guests who want to spend their holiday taking a deep-dive into a particular passion, there are thoughtfully curated themed cruises. One line offers a space cruise on a ship with its own planetarium where guests can learn about the last frontier from astronauts, scientists, and members of the Royal Astronomical Society. Also available are gourmet cruises which feature floating food festivals, golf cruises with ship-wide tournaments and expert instructors, and musical cruises with performances by internationally renowned artists. For intellectuals,there are cruises themed around literature, history, and current affairs featuring extensive on-board libraries and talks by authors and lecturers from the world's leading universities. The past few years have seen an increase in cruise lines partnering with globally recognised brands, public figures, and celebrities to deliver experiences which are as unique as they are memorable. One line has teamed up with BBC earth to offer on-board screenings of stunning documentaries on the natural world accompanied by scores from incredible musicians including the award-winning Hans Zimmer. Another worked with oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau who gave lectures on conservation, underwater exploration, and the legacy of his famous father Jacques. If you want to learn a new skill cruise lines offer a colourful bouquet of classes in subjects including photography, languages, art, sailing, fencing, navigation, DJing, IT, and glass-blowing. With so many ways to stimulate your brain, a cruise really can get your neurones firing.
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