1. What will I receive as a participant at the show?

You’ll receive a multitude of benefits from entering a partnership with us including promotion for your brand, revenue generated at the show and targeted access, both to a consumer base of enthusiastic cruisers and a eager band of new to cruise attendees.

2. How can I represent my business at your show?

Purchasing space on our show floor will give you opportunity to show off your business as you see fit. You will have free reign to design your stand and present the unique aspects of your business to our audience.
You can also opt for a Shell Scheme where you will be provided with supports to easily decorate your stand. These come with a display for your brand name and unique stand number.

3. What can the NEC provide for my stand?

For our exhibitors the NEC will help provide a variety of optional extra support such as mains, trade services, cleaning and catering. To apply in advance, simply fill out the form at the NEC website

4. I haven’t been to the NEC before, how do I get there?

We have a comprehensive guide on how to reach the NEC in our How to Find Us section.
Deals for advanced parking can be found on the NEC website

5. How can I get in contact?

For any more information simply contact Dave Scaife, on +44 (0) 207 688 6827 or Dave.Scaife@upperstreetevents.co.uk.

6. I’m an exhibitor, where should I register for my exhibitor badge?

To register for your exhibitor badges simply follow this link https://register.ttfdata.com/cruise-show/#/

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